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Thursday, January 24, 2013

Braeden's 4th Birthday party!

Braeden's birthday is this Saturday, but because of Everleigh's impending arrival we moved his party to the weekend before. Braeden wanted to have his party at Unpluggits again this year. We had a much smaller bash than we ever have and I am so glad we did. We had family and 3 of Braeden's little friends and it was so much fun!

Family poses before party:

Friends and family arrive and play!

This is my mother in law and sweet niece Landrey:

Sweet Mary Beth. She is a neighborhood friend!

Cute birthday boy:

Precious niece Brinley, me, and cutie Mary Beth!

Cherished friend Bonnie:

Up to no good?

Braeden was very specific that he wanted a spiderman cake...even though he has never seen a spiderman episode of any kind.

We had a wonderful celebration of this fun little boy's life. He got lots of wonderful gifts and had so much fun. We love you Braeden!

38 and 39 weeks!

Home stretch people........HOME STRETCH!!! I feel so good this past week. My ligament pain is greatly diminished and I feel awesome most of the day. Evenings are hard and sleeping isn't easy at all...but I am so excited for her to come!

I got almost giddy yesterday hanging out with a friend at the park. She has 3 kiddos, the youngest of which is 23 days old. I got to hold him and I thought I would burst. He is completely perfect and Everleigh will be too. I cant wait to count her little toes and smell her little head and enjoy the things I took for granted with Braeden. Time goes by so fast and no one knows that better than moms and dads. My baby turns 4 years old on Saturday and I can't believe it. Having Everleigh makes me think of him and the tiny perfect human he was too. I intend to enjoy this time much more than I did last time.

38 weeks:

39 weeks:

Also, I got some wonderful news today! My doctor is willing to induce labor next Thursday on my due date: January 31st! Of course, she could come before then, but it is a HUGE RELIEF to know that the end is in sight :-) I can't wait to meet her.

Thank you all for following this journey. I love you!

36-37 weeks!

hi there! I'm so excited to have reached this point in my pregnancy. I still feel great, though the ligament pain can be pretty intense. She also likes to get on one of my 'nerves' (literally) and a debilitating pain will shoot down my leg. Its momentary but MAN it hurts! She is worth it though. :)

Here I am at 36 weeks:

37 weeks:

Sunday, December 30, 2012

33-35 weeks!

Hey there everyone! I hope you all had a very Merry Christmas! We had a fabulous one and we even had a sprinkling of snow on Christmas day. Braeden got some cool new toys and we got to spend time with both sides of the family here in Edmond.

Here are some updated pictures!

33 weeks:

34 weeks:

35 weeks:

I am 35 weeks! AAAHHH! I cannot believe it :-) She will be here soon. I am still feeling relatively good! I am slowing down noticeably though and man, does my stomach ever get in the way! I underestimate its size all the time and bump into stuff. Sorry Everleigh!

And now I will leave you with a sweet picture of Braeden before I go clean up the bathroom since he just decided to flush an entire roll of toilet paper down the toilet and it overflowed. Can't get 2 seconds alone to do anything!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Baby Shower for sweet Everleigh

My sweet lifegroup friends hosted a baby shower for me on December 2nd. I had several lovely and dear friends come along with my mom and MIL.

Beautiful table set up:

Me and all the hostesses:

My friend Stephanie, sis-in-law Erryn, and niece Brinley:

 Me and my very dear friend Bonnie:

My sweet friend Ashley and I:

 Me and my friend Mary:

It was an absolutely wonderful day. The guests even went around the room describing why they love me and my good traits. It was so sweet! All these sweet ladies love God and He was definitely there. Thank you God for my friends and family and for blessing us with this sweet new bundle of joy!

31 and 32 weeks!

Time is flying by! I am 33 weeks today but I am updating 31 and 32 weeks :-)

31 weeks:

32 weeks:

I still feel pretty darn good. Occasional heartburn and round ligament pain, but I am still working out 2 days a week and I plan on keeping that up for as long as possible!!

30 weeks and Thanksgiving

I 'turned' 30 weeks on Thanksgiving Day! We spent the day of Thanksgiving with Brad's family and with mine on Friday.

Feeding the ducks with our 4 nephews from Colorado

Leaf fight!!

Happy *late* Thanksgiving!