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Monday, November 12, 2012

26 and 27 weeks!

Hello there everyone! Just a quick update with some pictures :) I am still doing great! I feel good, and though I wish I could sleep more, that is something I struggle with preggo or not ;-) Here are my 26 and 27 week pics..yes I wore the same shirt for both! HA!

26 weeks....look out for the pirate!!!

 27 weeks:

Nothing new really to report. All cravings are officially gone, though its funny because a ton of things that made me feel sick between 6-14 weeks I still dont really want to eat! HAHA! Its been MONTHS since I have had a lunch meat sandwich...can't stomach the thought of eating sandwich bread. Do not worry though, Panera bagels have stepped in and saved the day ;-)

I am still able to exercise though my capacity for working out has diminished significantly. Working out less and with less intensity. But, I know this wont be the case forever. Once she is here and I am healed I know there is plenty of time to ramp back up again.

Thanks for taking the time to check up on me! Love you all!

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