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Thursday, December 13, 2012

Visit from Mimi and Aunt Brenda!

I am so behind!!!

November 2nd my Aunt Brenda was in Tulsa for my mom's birthday. They decided to come to OKC for the day to see me and B! We decided to head to the Science Museum for a day full of fun :) It was so nice to see Aunt Brenda (hardly ever get to!) so we didnt even mind that there were 2000 students from all over the state of OK visiting the museum that day...it was craziness!

B and Mimi in some sort of capsule... Mimi will basically do anything he wants to :-)

B and Mimi in the tornado simulator...B was screaming and laughing and it cracked us all up!

 I miss you Aunt B!!! Come back and see us soon!

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